Currently on sabbatical - until I find a new place to work out of!


I offer private and group sessions to help relieve pain, tightness and discomfort in one area at a time. I can help with many muscle / joint / connective tissue related issues.

20 minute sessions: Your basic Pain in the Neck. Other issues may be straightforward enough to do in 20 minutes.

30 minute sessions: Plantar Fasciitis; heel spurs; stiff, sore painful knees; tight or pulled hamstrings; groin pulls; hip pain; low back pain (no prior shots or surgery)

45 minute sessions: More extensive neck & shoulder tightness, pain, injury - restricted motion - whiplash - old and new injuries; upper body problems including carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms; golf & tennis elbow, tendonitis...

If it's soft tissue or joint related call me to see if I can possibly help you.

Private Sessions are $30 for 20 minutes; $40 for 30 minutes or $60 for 45 minutes; Group Sessions are $20 per person.


Align & Balance

Eliminate pain and discomfort at its cause, minimize injury potential and create more efficient, effective movement habits, restoring balance, mobility and grace to your everyday movement.

Four 40 minute sessions, starting with Head & Neck, working our way out and down in a logical sequence. Sign up with a partner for the most beneficial results.

Align & Balance - Four Weeks - $80


Fearless Sneezing

If you are tired of having to cross your legs before you sneeze to prevent or minimize a sudden bladder leak (however minor it may be), this four week solution can help to reduce or eliminate that problem.

SUI - Stress Urinary Incontinence (the pee sneeze) - is very common and is usually fairly simple to resolve -- without doing hundreds of Kegals, taking drugs, or undergoing invasive surgery. You don't have to "just live with it". Really.

*** If you aren't sure you need this workshop - click here to find out. ***

A 30 minute private session can be a very helpful no drug / no surgery short term solution. The workshop gives you the tools to have an ongoing solution you can manage on your own.

Fearless Sneezing - Four Weeks - $80


Who Am I?

I'm Diane Gallagher. I specialize in optimizing functional movement using therapeutic bodywork and functional fitness techniques to help you achieve lasting results that you can maintain on your own.

I've been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2009 in Colorado, from 2004-2012 in Ohio, and earned my first Personal Trainer Certification in 2007.

I have specialized in helping clients optimize movement by working with their body's myofascia since 2005, teaching a form of active myofascial stretching to massage & bodyworkers, and movement & fitness professionals in the US, Australia, New Zealand and Malta from 2007 to 2015.

As a Licensed Massage Therapist, I have provided Manual Therapy for people on Workers Compensation as an in-network Rehabilitation Specialist with Pinnacol Assurance since 2013 and for those recovering from Automobile Accident Injuries - working with Auto Insurance companies since 2005.

My goal is to help you understand and work with your body to keep you moving as freely and comfortably as possible.

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